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JUNE 15, 1997
	The 1997 season is well underway!!!  
By now all teams have played at least one game.
We look forward to another exciting season of Prairie League baseball.

JUNE 20, 1997
	Our new website is complete now with stats and rosters.
Check it out from our homepage.

JULY 27, 1997
Diamond Dogs Fold
	The Prairie League announced today that the Moose Jaw Diamond Dogs
have officially shut down operations.  The Diamond Dogs who first contacted
the league office about their situation on Thursday July 17, had exhausted
all their efforts in keeping the team afloat.  The league had discussions
with two different potential local ownership groups as well as the Dogs
booster club.  However, in the end all were unable to come up with a game
plan that would see the team through the end of the season.
The Diamond dogs were Prairie league Canadian Division Finalists in 1995
and Canadian Division Champions in 1996.
The Diamond dog players will be part of a Prairie League dispersal draft
Monday evening at 7:00 p.m.

July 28,1997
	Saskatoon Stallions General Manager Rye Pothakos resigns citing
personal concerns.

More coming soon...

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