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Hotcaesar is your main source for all that relates to the mighty Caesar Cocktail. The Caesar is popular in some places in the world but unknown in many other places.

Hotcaesar is also the main source for all your Bartending needs. We now have an Online Bartender to search for your favourite beverage recipes. You can search for drinks by name or by ingredient. Look for a Bartending Glossary coming soon.

Information relating to Wine, Liquor and Beer will be add constantly. Topics such as the history and folklore surrounding different beverages. Listings of Brand Names, Styles and Regions will also be included. Make us your central source for Beverage information.

Help with Catering is another area we specialize in. Learn how to prepare for large groups or plan menus for specialized functions. Make a wine list for a few or many, for one meal or many.

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